Molotov 5.0
on Aman'Thul
Breaking News: Disaster At Blackrock Foundry Thurs April 23, 2015
We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special report.

A massive explosion rocked northern Gorgrond as the Blackrock Foundry experienced what can only be described as a meltdown late at night on the 23rd of April 2015.

Alliance raiding guild Molotov has claimed responsibility for the blast which is expected to cripple the war machine of the Iron Horde for the foreseeable future. This latest atrocity follows previous attacks during which the guild despoiled the Iron Maidens and caused the Blast Furnace to overhead and melt down. Sources confirm that Molotov is the tenth guild to undertake such an attack on the Heroic defences of the Blackrock Foundry.

Although details coming from the devastated site are still sketchy, it is believed that the crucible was brutally assaulted during the attack, sending it crashing through several levels of the structure to the molten lava below. The foundry is believed to be a total loss.

To add insult to injury, Molotov has released a photograph of the corpse of Heroic Warlord Blackhand featuring several members of the notorious guild posing for selfies with the great orc's dead body.


This is the same group that previously laid waste to Highmaul, capital of the Gorian Empire, and are wanted in conjunction with several other attacks dating back to September 2006.

A spokesperson for the Iron Horde said that the members of the guild would be pursued, and crushed.

- Tanaan Nightly News

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