If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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Post by Rathollorn » 10 Apr 2017, 06:23

That’s a pretty terrible pun, but I don’t care and here’s why:


We timed our run to Heroic Gul’dan just about as poorly as possible. We got to him just as one of our main tanks was about to go on holiday the other started having computer problems, and to top it off Patch 7.2 hit and bugged out Grand Magistrix Elisande.

We put in an additional raid to try and beat 7.2 (didn’t work), and to get him in the first week of 7.2 once the bugs had been fixed (also didn’t work), but we got there in the end. The soft nerf of patch 7.2’s power boost to all our weapons helped, as did Blizzard’s acknowledgement that they can’t scale down encounters properly and that mechanics were being altered to make them more forgiving to smaller raid groups. Mostly though it was just a matter of people learning the encounter, he only took us about two dozen pulls to kill, they were just spread across several weeks.


Blizzard has a bad habit of making raid boss bodies despawn once you’ve killed and looted them. Bring back the days of a massive rotting corpse sitting in the middle of the room (Prophet Skeram style). So we had to pose with Illidan (I'm on team Maiev when it comes to that particular ship btw) and Khadgar.

We have about 10 weeks to go before Tomb of Sargeras launches and in that time we’ll be looking to add a few more raid members to the roster while we farm Gul’dan for shiny legendaries and work on the Glory of the Legion Raider Achievement.

To finish off I would like to, as Selten always does, thank our raiders. I especially want to thank everyone for showing up on Sundays to learn the encounter, and for shelling out for Vantus Runes to make it just that little bit easier. At the risk of this becoming an Oscars speech I also want to thank the healers (lel, seven, marl, and sorha) and the tanks (phil and crazy) and especially dukkha who has played healer and tank and dps at Heroic Gul'dan depending on what the raid has needed on any given night.

Good work everyone.

Seize the means of production comrades!

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Re: Gul’done

Post by Cartollomew » 18 Apr 2017, 01:02

Boo to disappearing corpses.

Don't they know about "GG Next map!"?
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