Molotov 5.0
on Aman'Thul
Backhanding Blackhand - Thurs Feb 26, 2015
Raid bosses yell a lot of crap. They're always talking trash.
From Ragnaros to Prince Thunderaan to Illidan Stormrage.
Blackhand was certainly no exception:


To be honest, sometimes I get a little sick of it, so this time we called him out:


Note the Resto Druid off to the side completely oblivious to what the rest of the raid is doing...and the DPS warrior tea-bagging the boss' corpse...some things never change

I'm not gonna lie, this kill felt good. Blackhand is a fun boss fight, nice mechanics, and a strat we tweaked to have distinctly different roles for a Main Tank, an Off Tank, two melee teams, and the ranged - it was a real throwback to old-style raiding. We even spent a couple of nights wiping on it while learning. I can't wait until we reach him on heroic.

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