Molotov 5.0
on Aman'Thul
Molotov Ahead of the Curve - Thurs Mar 27, 2014
Raiding in Mists of Pandaria was an interesting experience: trying to balance the drive to see more content and earn better gear that drives many a raider, against our stated aim of remaining casual in MoP and only raiding one night a week.

Of course that didn’t last long. One night quickly became two, Flexible Mode on Wednesdays and 10-Man Normal Mode on Thursdays. Two nights a week is also our planned raid schedule for Warlords of Draenor.

As a guild activity flexible raids kicked off on January 1.
Our guild 10 man normal mode runs started on February 13.
What we found was that Siege of Ogrimmar was almost depressingly easy. Nothing until Garrosh offered much of a challenge. The final boss of the tier though was a pleasant return to a boss that actually required learning and practice to beat. Our one-night raid schedule and people’s personal lives delayed the final push, but after having a look at him on March 20, we managed to get a full night in on March 27 to send Plex off in style.


It’s nice to know that some things never change though. Molotov might still be capable of spanking content and making it our bitch, but it remains impossible to get our members to line up nicely for a screenshot…and somehow Archmage Vargoth always manages to sneak into these pictures…personally I think Sorha is responsible for all of those things.

GG – Next Map!!
Actually there isn’t a next map as we’re not planning to progress into Heroic-Modes in MoP. We’re just farming heirlooms in preparation for WoD.

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