Molotov 5.0
on Aman'Thul
Highmaul Hijinks - Mon Dec 8, 2014
You wouldn’t normally associate the orges with a city, much less an empire, but there on the western edge of Nagrand is the capital of the Gorian Empire, Highmaul.

A far cry from mud hollows, sharpened stakes and caves, Highmaul is home to the ruling elite of the ogres. The city possesses an air of sophistication about it, boasting stone architecture, a market place and a working elevator. Into this cultured centre of civilisation rolled Molotov, with about as much class and decorum as randy clefthoof bull in a draenic crystal shop.

Despite the fact that our official raiding is not slated to commence until the new year, too many people were eager to see the content for us to not organise anything; so when Highmaul launched Molotov was ready raid.

The servers were unplayable on Wednesday but on Thursday the fun began with Kargath Bladefist. An orc crazy enough to cut off his own hand in an escape bid before butchering his captors and drowning a continent in their blood is worthy of respect and caution, so the raid gathered at the opposite end of the arena to buff up and review strategy. Our esteemed raid leader had other ideas though, as Harmonia’s Black Ox Statue performed an absolutely beautiful shinypants pull, certainly the best this guild has had the pleasure of seeing since Dukkha blinked into Gruul thirteen raid tiers ago.

It’s a time-honoured Molotov tradition and a superb way to start Warlords of Draenor raiding…it also lead to a one-shot.


The Butcher (no sign of the baker or the candlestick maker sadly), Tectus and Brackenspore were also taken down on Thursday while the Twin Ogron (Phemos and Pol) followed on Monday. There are no screenshots however because your GM is a forgetful noob.

We also managed to take down Ko’ragh to round out the first week of raiding with what is probably the most enjoyable encounter mechanically I’ve seen since The Lich King – I can’t wait to find out what it has in store for us on Heroic.


That just leaves Imperator Mar’gok the sorcerer-ruler of the Gorian Empire alive…he should count himself lucky we ran out of time this reset, but he’ll get his next week.

Oh and we also went and killed Kargath on Heroic because he’s pretty much a loot piñata.

Built, broken, rebuilt, and finally published by Midi.