Pally Debt Rises to New Levels: WTB Paladins and Shaman

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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Pally Debt Rises to New Levels: WTB Paladins and Shaman

Post by Cartollomew » 10 Mar 2007, 18:24

You know last time when I sort of promised I'd be more on the ball with updates?

Yeh, I totally lied to you.

When we last left our heroes, they were having a few issues getting into the esteemed Karazhan Opera (yeh, no tickets...)

At first the ushers were a little resistant to letting us "freeload" or "live to see another day", but then we explained how we were intending on taking part in some performance art on stage, using the universal language of a giant sword to the face (or in Selten's case, a knife to the back of the knee) and they were good enough to let us through.

We've been involved in two highly successful performances to date:

The Wizard of Oz
Lion meat: delicious over a straw fire, on a Scanpan seasoned with little dog, too...

Little Red Riding Hood
Would it kill you to yell out the catchphrase once in a while? It's kind of our thing. Fine, sit there in silence. Rune, you are so fired.

From there we travelled through to the Menagerie, which is for guests only. Xerxes, I mean, the Curator was concerned that we'd get our grubby fingerprints all over all the priceless... owl statues... or whatever.

Here's a shot of the gang chilling with a stoned Curator:
Yeh, I don't know why the gnome is yelling that. Rune, you are so fired.

From the Menagerie we moved on up to indulge in a quiet game of Chess.
Unfortunately, no screenshot forthcoming, but here's an artist's impression:
Medivh is no Grand Master...

We are all keen readers, and fortunately for us, Kara's library is a rich tapestry of... books or something. It's also huge.
One room that isn't huge is Aran's.

It would appear that there was not room for all of us. Aran was voted off. With his life!

That brings us up to date. We've got a hankering for that Prince fellow who is residing in the upper quarters. I didn't much care for his recent albums though.


Rune... you are so fired.
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Post by Sapherix » 11 Mar 2007, 02:10

Nice post.

also, grats on 1000 posts. Thats some commitment.

well played squire.

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Post by Mitra » 12 Mar 2007, 05:07's not showing up on the frontpage for me
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