Molotov Guild Charter

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Molotov Guild Charter

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Molotov Guild Charter

Molotov is a non-Mythic Raiding Guild. The core function of our guild is to provide a place where skilled players can enjoy raid content in a more-relaxed atmosphere than is found in hardcore progression guilds. Our raiding schedule is aimed at placing minimal levels of stress and time commitment on our raiders. In return, Molotov expects those who are accepted onto the raiding team to demonstrate knowledge, skill and focus so that content can be cleared in the allocated time.

<Molotov> is Committed to Excellence

We want to be a successful and skilful raiding guild by anyone's measure. A guild where every player works hard to be the best they can be. Molotov members have a hunger for new content and want to push the limit of what we can achieve progression-wise, just not by devoting more time to raiding.

Molotov's goal is to clear all raid content below Mythic-difficulty, and to have fun doing it.

Raiding Schedule:
Our raiding schedule is as follows (all times are Aman’thul server time):
Wednesday: 2000 through to 2300 (AEST) and 2030 through to 2330 (AEDT)
Thursday: 2000 through to 2300 (AEST) and 2030 through to 2330 (AEDT)

Raider Expectations:
To successfully meet the goals set forth above, certain things are expected of all those who wish to raid with us.
1. Skill and focus in their raiding role. We expect those who join our raiding team to know their class and be able to play it to a high degree of excellence. Players should be willing to consult expert sources available on the web and consistently work to improve their performance.
2. Commitment. With the low number of hours we have in our raiding schedule, every minute from every raider counts. For that reason, an attendance of at least 75% is expected (one raid missed per fortnight). It is understood that on occasion players will be forced to miss raids; we ask that if possible your absence is communicated to the officers via the Molotov website forums or in-game.
3. Preparation. We expect every raider to show up for scheduled raids on time, with all equipment repaired and all consumables needed (food, flasks, potions, runes, codexes), and already knowing the boss strategy. We expect you to watch Fatboss video guides (or similar) and know a boss' abilities before you see it for the first time.
4. A good attitude. We want to have fun when raiding. WoW is a game played in our leisure time. We play it because we enjoy it. We like to keep an even mix of focus and fun during our raids. Everyone wipes a lot whilst learning new content, and we seek to find ways to enjoy it. A raider who can joke, laugh, and enjoy themselves - while still doing their job - contributes greatly to our goal of enjoying our raiding experience. Above all, a Raider is expected to control their temper and maintain a positive attitude.
5. Working Hard for each other. Molotov members are committed to working hard for each other. Being a successful raiding guild involves some sacrifice in real life, and we voluntarily engage in this activity knowing that some sacrifices must be made for the guild to be successful. We ensure we perform at our best each and every raid for our own pride, and to not let our fellow guild members down.
6. A solid internet connection and decent computer. Disconnecting when raiding is frustrating, not just for you but for the raid members who have to cover your slack in the encounter. As a raider we expect you to do everything possible to ensure your internet is functioning well, your latency is low and your graphics are not lagging because you're still hanging on to a 10 year old computer. It's not fair on the other raiders, WoW is an internet-based computer game, make sure you have the tools to play it properly.

Guild Structure:
Guild ranks are organised as follows:
Guild Master: Responsible for organising guild events, handling administrative functions, solving problems and consulting with other officers to set guild policy.
Guild Officer/i]: Veteran players who have demonstrated their responsibility and commitment to the guild. Assist the Guild Master in organising raids and other guild events and in administrating the guild.
Guild Raider: Guild members with the expertise to meet Molotov's standards for raiding, who have committed to Molotov's posted raiding schedule. Raiders will always be invited to raids. Raiders can invite members to the guild, have access to the guild bank for repairs, and may use items in the accessible tabs as they see fit.
Trial Raider: Raiders who have recently joined the guild and are currently in their evaluation period. Trials will always be invited to Raids. Trials may request invites for their Alts, but not for their friends until they have passed their trial.
Social Member: Ex-raiders or players who have joined the guild to be with a friend, or simply as a place to socialize with people they like while playing WoW.

There are also Alt-Ranks but these are self-explanatory.

Recruitment Policy:
Players who are being recruited as Raiders may be asked to go on instance or raid runs with officers first to evaluate their skill and personality. Upon acceptance, they will be invited into the guild at Trial rank. After demonstrating consistent skill and good attendance to the Officers satisfaction, they will be promoted to the Raider rank.

Although cross-server raiding makes trials possible for players not on Aman’thul, all members of the Molotov raid team are expected to be in guild. Players may commence their trial from a different server, however no Trial Raider will be promoted to Raider rank without at least one week of time being active in the guild to ensure their personality fits.

Lax recruiting practices can lead to getting what could be a “few bad apples” to a “whole bushel of bad apples”. We want an environment that is harmonious and works well together. We do not want to recruit members who are negative, have poor attitudes, or cannot work with others well. We feel it's important that during the course of a trial's time in the guild that they are active and show their commitment to being a solid member of the guild

We will not discriminate based upon race, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, hair colour, number of achievement points, or amount of herbs stockpiled for sale on the auction house. If you are a mature person who can play WoW, research your own quests/class issues, speak English, play frequently, and are at the top of your game, you will be given every opportunity.

No Drama:
We firmly believe in being a positive part of our server community. Too many guilds have been destroyed by drama. We have instituted a no drama policy. Respect your guild mates and their opinions, even if you do not agree with them. Our members are very friendly and mature, and we have no tolerance for anyone who brings excessive whining, begging, or a disrespectful manner to Molotov. This is not a stuffy-ass guild either, we have a great time, but there are limits to what is considered acceptable. Use common sense in the guild-channel and in ventrilo. Watch what you say if you’re new, not everyone knows your personality and things can easily be taken in a negative light.

In particular, starting or participating in flame wars on the WoW forums will not be tolerated. Act in a mature fashion and think before you post. As a guild, we are focused on keeping a good reputation and fanning the flames of a forum battle is not a good way to maintain this. Remember the golden rules of Internet gaming forums: no one ever admits they're wrong, and everyone wants to have the last word. So don't make yourself and the guild look like idiots.

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