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About <Molotov>

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The guild was founded by Cartollomew and Sapherix in September 2006 as a GMT+8 (Perth-based) raiding experiment. The philosophy was simple: all or nothing. <Molotov> would be dedicated to seeing as much content as possible.

The members who joined responded to that aim and while level 60 end-game wound down before the launch of the first expansion, <Molotov> raced through progression. At the start of December 2006, just one day before Patch 2.0 landed, <Molotov> killed Nefarian in Blackwing Lair to clear Tier 2. The day before The Burning Crusade launched in January 2007, <Molotov> was in Naxxramas killing Instructor Razuvious and claiming a Tier 3 scalp.

Throughout The Burning Crusade the raid team continued to thrive, transferring to Aman’thul and eventually (temporarily) beating the game by having no content left as progression after downing Illidan in January 2008. Ultimately <Molotov> lost too many players between clearing Black Temple and the release of Sunwell (only managing 1/6) and would not recommence raiding until patch 3.0.

After transferring to Saurfang for Wrath of the Lich King the guild enjoyed continued success, claiming 10-man Heroic Lich King and Heroic Halion kills (unfortunately the guild was unable to repeat the feats in their 25-man incarnations).

A transfer back to Aman’thul for Cataclysm as a 10-man team kept the guild going for a short time but eventually <Molotov> ceased raiding completely and was largely dormant until Patch 5.4 in Mists of Pandaria when the notion of flexible scaling raids (and the Blizzcon announcement of the Warlords of Draenor expansion) lured many former members back to the game.

<Molotov> now raids in the flexible-scaling difficulties (i.e. non-Mythic). Most of our roster are ex-progression raiders who still maintain an interest in the game but who can no longer dedicate large amounts of time to playing. We may no longer race through content; but make no mistake we expect maturity, courtesy and progression level performance from all our raid members.

We still maintain that <Molotov> raiders are defined by excellence.

Achievements of Note:

Nefarian (Nef b4 BC!) – First Kill 03/12/2006 – News Post Link

Illidan (we were so prepared) – First Kill 21/01/2008 – Kill rank (approx.) Oceanic 10 – Can you believe there’s no news post for this?

Bane of the Fallen King – First Kill 10/08/2010 – Kill rank Oceanic 37 – News Post Link


Want to see us in action? Here’s a selection of our finest moments.
Molotov obtains a Thunderfury
Molotov vs Kael’thas Sunstrider
Molotov vs Illidan Stormrage
Molotov vs Heroic Lich King 10-man (I'll get to it one day)
Molotov vs Heroic Blackhand

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