Good old Mitre 10

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Good old Mitre 10

Post by Chronicle » 03 May 2008, 18:45

I work weekends at my local hardware store (Mitre 10) in the timber yard.
Upon arriving for work this morning, I found a note left stapled to a wall in the staff area.
Apparently an irate full timer was fed up with his things going missing from the drawer accessible by not only staff but sometimes customers over the weekend.

The Original:


Funny thing is, they all have lockers. Why don't they just put their stuff in them?
Lesson learnt. Finish Uni. Don't end up here.
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Post by Karjalan » 03 May 2008, 19:40

Reminds me of Rebel Sport... Manager was a fucking toss pot. No life arogant cunt who thought that he ruled the world cause he could boss Rebel Sport staff around... Outside of work he was ok...

but lesson is, FINISH UNI
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Post by derelictfrog » 03 May 2008, 21:35

Nice note, me and the other dude from work write notes using wow terms.. like ftl and the boss has no idea what it means. Ftb means for the boss etc <.< .

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