Got an awesome vid card?

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Got an awesome vid card?

Post by Dropdeadqt » 14 Apr 2008, 15:28

Stolen from the wow forums

//-- buff the shit

/console groundEffectDensity 256
/console groundEffectDist 140
/console detailDoodadAlpha 100
/console horizonfarclip 2112
/console farclip 777
/console characterAmbient
/console smallcull 0
/console skycloudlod 3

//-- normal

/console groundEffectDensity 16
/console groundEffectDist 1
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console farclip 177
/console characterAmbient 1
/console smallcull 1
/console skycloudlod 1
/console detailDoodadAlpha 1

It makes stuff look pretty I guess?


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Post by Chalice » 14 Apr 2008, 15:38

Thats cool.

I like pretty things :)
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Post by Kalifa » 14 Apr 2008, 15:57

seems the most noticeable change is the flowers/grass

lots of people complain that it eats stupid amounts of graphics ram to show all that


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Post by Cartollomew » 14 Apr 2008, 16:07

Ah, right.

Imagine my confusion, if you will, upon reading the first comment; I figured it was a way of better rendering the various excrement in-game.
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Post by derelictfrog » 15 Apr 2008, 01:52

How do you tell how much of your video cards ram is being used :/

It makes the ground look very nice :) fps took a bit of a hit, I'll see how it goes.

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Post by Runetender » 15 Apr 2008, 01:58

This makes the grasses as tall as a gnome I can't see shit more than 10 yards away :( j/k

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