Molotov moves to Aman'Thul

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Molotov moves to Aman'Thul

Post by Selten » 16 Jan 2011, 12:28

Some months ago Molotov made the decision to go with a new raid team and a new plan for raiding in Cataclysm. In time, this led us to examine all the facets that affected our raiding, including server. Saurfang has been good to us, and we enjoyed our time on the server, but for a variety of reasons the decision was made to relocate to Aman'thul. In a way it is like returning home, since Aman'thul is the server which Molotov was on for most of Burning Crusade.

We have found this new (old) server to be very good so far, with an active Alliance population and all the benefits that accrue from it. And we have spent our time productively. We already have beat 8/12 raid bosses, and hope to rapidly progress through the rest.


I'd like to give special thanks to our superb raid team:

Johnyrico: Protection Paladin
Nazgoul: Feral Druid
Ammune: Resto Druid
Pinched: Holy/Disc Priest
Tuggah: Holy Paladin
Midi: Fury Warrior
Dropdeadqt: Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Seltron: Assassination Rogue
Gankiest: Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Qtpi: Survival/Marks Hunter
Dukkha: Fire/Arcane Mage
Kelleni: Balance Druid

We are still looking to fill two more spots on our team: Elemental Shaman and Destro/Demo Warlock. If you are interested, just follow the link above to apply.
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