Eve of 3.3

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Eve of 3.3

Postby Dropdeadqt » 08 Dec 2009, 15:47

So yeah, stuff has been happening... We just don't share it, lazy peoples we are.

We've managed to clear up Jizzface, the Champions and Twins in Trial of the Grand Crusader. Interesting strats and concepts on many of them but all in all not a whole lot more difficult than the normal mode.


Anub has been giving us troubles between DCs and large scale line up changes such that we will unfortunately be unable to finish him off before we begin our adventures into ICC. Overall though, I really can't complain a whole lot about our progression in 3.2. While finishing 3.2 and getting Anub down would have been great, our overall position compared to say 3.1 in terms of hardmodes has been greatly improved.


In other related news, we've managed to pull off our first 10 man Insanity run. Was very close to a near perfect run too, falling just short in the final moments of the Anub kill (damn you deep cold penetration...). Grats Qtness on your new cloak and Truckasaurus on the new charger.


However, all of this pales in comparison to what we will hopefully be experiencing in tomorrows raid... BRING ON 3.3 HOORAH!

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Re: Eve of 3.3

Postby Xact » 08 Dec 2009, 16:33

[quote="Noraneko"]However, all of this pales in comparison to what we will hopefully be experiencing in tomorrows raid... BRING ON 3.3 HOORAH![/quote]

Broken mods, instance server full and random world server crashes?

Seems like fun!

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Re: Eve of 3.3

Postby Cartollomew » 08 Dec 2009, 17:04

You switched off bbcode parsing or something Xact?

Some weirdness there.
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Re: Eve of 3.3

Postby Obsolet » 08 Dec 2009, 17:14

fark those pics are pro

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Re: Eve of 3.3

Postby Johnnyrico » 08 Dec 2009, 18:20

love the pics!

Looking good truck and qt!
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Re: Eve of 3.3

Postby Infamous » 09 Dec 2009, 10:21

Glass half full= Can't wait for ICC

Glass half empty= Usually patch day is a total cluster-fuck for raiding.

Hope we get a crack at it tonight!

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