10 Man Yogg Down!

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10 Man Yogg Down!

Post by Dropdeadqt » 25 May 2009, 14:18

It was a vicious struggle, but the blob has been quashed! Grats to all those who took part in the attempts on and off over the past couple of weeks. It was certainly one of the more "entertaining" fights alongside Mimiron, but I must say that (once again), the ending phase of a boss was a total let down. After the "GTFO of the Clouds" phase 1 business and the "OMFGCLUSTERFUCKAGE" that represented our initial attempts at phase 2, phase 3 was a big let down.

Essentially, we managed to get to phase 3 with about 5 people up who were then all either one shot or driven insane cause we didn't even explain what was going to happen (DON'T LOOK AT ZE EYES NUUUUUUU!!!). However, the next attempt (which had a much cleaner and quicker phase 2), resulted in us seeing phase 3 with 10 people alive. At which point I turned and looked at a wall... for the entire phase (nice decor Yogg, your home looks like something a raccoon might make). Subsequently I didn't see anything of phase 3 except a couple of mobs running around and some purple lightning. WONDERFUL and boring...

Given we have now cleared 13/14 bosses, I must say that Mimiron was without a doubt the most fun. It was essentially a perfect learning curve boss where you get given everything piece by piece until you hit phase 4 where it combines everything you learnt into a single entity. Very very fun and a good challenge ramp up.

But anyway, no-one cares about Mimiron, It's YOGG DOWN!!!! Here's ze lootz...


Chestguard of the Wayward Conqueror - Noraneko
Devotion - Ammune
Leggings of the Insatiable - Skyeater

This shot shows us exactly how the rigorous training excercises can pay off. Note the distended flap or "spindlage".

This post is dedicated to Midi's new splash page for the site - gogo Midi!
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