Bloody Coup ends Era

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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Bloody Coup ends Era

Post by Cartollomew » 26 May 2008, 13:59

...well, no.

At a meeting around raid time last night, the <Molotov> leadership announced its decision to step down from raiding for the remainder of the Burning Crusade.

The last few weeks have been difficult for almost everyone involved, but it is to the guild's credit that the move to social status has been a smooth one.

<Molotov> was to be an experiment - when Saph and I first created the guild, it was with the understanding that we'd just give it a shot. If things didn't work out, we'd just find an existing guild and integrate ourselves into it. We had one or two ideas for established guilds we should join, if and when our little project became unworkable.

Within 2 months, we had bettered the progression of every KG guild in our timeslot.

I remember vividly a conversation in which Saph and I weren't sure if it was worth the effort recruiting and managing for 40 man raids with BC so close to release.

Two days before the 2.0 patch, our guild downed Nefarion, and one day before, was in AQ40 downing Skeram.

In the 2 months leading up to BC, while other guilds were winding down, and their players hitting PvP for easy mode epics, we were hitting progression content hard - something about our members gave them a spark that was lacking elsewhere.

Even in the wake of broken content, patch and UI malfunctions and general WTF from Blizzard (alliance shaman loot/raid ID shenanigans anyone?), we still had the numbers to keep hitting 40 man content.

Just 1 day prior to the release of the Burning Crusade, <Molotov> was in Naxx, in an effort to take out some T3 content - was it for glory, chicks, drugs, groupies?

Well, yes. But those things seemed to be conspicuously absent if I recall correctly.

But most of all, it was because we wanted to experience as much of the game as we could - there was only so much time before this stuff became obsolete, we had to do it.

We had a lot of help on the way - we drew on the combined, very valuable experience of our members, and often delighted them by reaching content they hadn't seen yet.

We stood on the shoulders of giants - boss strats, ideas from <Time>, the then premier guild on KG - much of the style and foresight of the guild's leadership structure was modeled on Trin's.

But most of all, when the expansion was just days away - it was our members, our trials, our leaders who were pushing new content.

No other guild that we saw had this spark, this desire to see as much as possible.

The <Molotov> I will remember is one built on an all or nothing philosophy - where everything we did was for a chance to see more.

As with everything, the glory times can't last forever. The guild always made it clear that real life commitments come first, and in the end, we lost too much of the old blood to rebuild.

Those of us who've had the pleasure of leading such a firmly grounded guild are proud of what we have all accomplished. I know I regret only not having the time to have raided more with them.

At this point, on behalf of the guild I helped create, I would extend a thanks to all those who've raided with us or supported us at one point or another.

In particular, we would like to thank our family and loved ones; they put up with a lot for our peculiar lifestyle choices, and they often don't get the credit they deserve for allowing us to stay up late, or spend over 16 hours a week in our pretend lives.

The guild is not disbanding - there is still too much here for many of us to leave, and many of those who need to move on to scratch the progression itch take comfort in knowing it will still be here, after Kil'Jaeden bites the dust.

We still have a wiki, and will endeavour to keep it updated with members' whereabouts and accomplishments. Or, given it's a wiki, you can keep it updated yourselves, you lazy bastards.

All in all, we've had a pretty good run for a guild that was created so we could hit some 20 man content before BC was released; thankyou all, and keep in touch.


Final big <Molotov> fun night this Wednesday. Speak to an officer ASAP if you're keen to come along.
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