When someone asks, "Are you a god?" You say, YES!

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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When someone asks, "Are you a god?" You say, YES!

Post by Cartollomew » 05 Oct 2006, 15:41

Does anything bad happen to you when you kill a god?

I guess not...

It was a pretty outstanding run anyway you slice it; we set some new guild time records in terms of both clearing and domesticating bosses...

And we figured, we had some time left over... may as well get this whole "Hakkar thing" out of the way.

Hakkar seemed strangely eager to give up the goods... or maybe it was the fact we had 20 extremely on the ball and focussed players, performing like a freakin' dance clip.

Grats guys; one attempt, and zero deaths. Truly an awesome night.

Winners of a trip for three to sunny Hakkar loot:
Peacekeeper Gauntlets: Mitra
Soul Corrupter's Necklace: Pamaritine
Heart of Hakkar: Vella

What's next?
We'll need to wipe the smug look off Jin'do's face soon, the second half of AQ20 looks like a nice place for a picnic... and if that's all just a little too cool for you, we'll need to hit Molten Core pretty soon.

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