Molotov wins double Quinellas. TAB shortens our odds.

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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Molotov wins double Quinellas. TAB shortens our odds.

Post by Sapherix » 13 Oct 2007, 09:08

I like to think I fooled the raiders into believing that the Kael'thas kill was too important to take down so quickly. I like to think I fooled myself into believing my Kael blog was funny and contained witty witticisms worthy of staying up on the front page a little longer. In reality I was lazy and was waiting for divine intervention to inspire me to write a new post. Not the Paladin kind, but the kind that comes to me in my dreams, which I then relate to raiders on vent in between boss attempts whilst ignoring their groans.

We have 4 new dead bosses. 2 from MT. Hyjal and 2 from Black Temple.


The hardest part about Anatheron was getting enough players attuned to down him. Our protection spec Paladin makes Hyjal trash like a stroll in the park. Not the kind of park where rabid dogs are humping each other and you get mugged for your wallet and shoes, the kind where children play, birds chirp and old people reminisce about 'good old days' when there were no rabid dogs, birds or young people.

Meanwhile, the only thing interesting about Anatheron is that he talks with a Spanish accent. I like where Blizzard is going with this and await the boss with an Australian accent. He'd be dressed in stubby shorts and wear a pair of thongs. He'd be smoking a cigarette and have a can of beer in hand. When engaged he'd threaten to 'chuck you mongrels on the barbie'. When he reaches enrage he would gain the special ability to throw a phone at a random raid members' head ala Russel Crowe.



Kaz'rogal was epic. We were about to call a wipe on the 7th wave of trash when we lost about 8 raid members. Somehow we rezzed them and buffed and cleared the 8th wave. The number one rule with Kaz'rogal is not to go out of mana next to your fellow raiders. I told our Protection Paladin, Johnnyrico, that'd he'd be most likely first to blow given how small his mana pool is. The fight is chaotic, lots of dps needed, lots of people blowing up. We worked him down to 10% with a good portion of the raid OOM.

"Dot him up, max debuffs!". We were down to about 10 players at this point, and of course Thrall. Fearing another full trash clear, we wanted to make every effort to make this attempt count. this point we were down to a few melee. The shaman all anhked....5%...4%...3%. The entire raid was tasting dirt at this point, the entire raid bar one- Johnnyrico. The sole survivour guided the raid to an epic victory with the assist from Thrall.

/tar Johnny
/Hi Five.

That humble pie tastes good, thanks for asking.


High Warlord Naj'entus

We popped Naj'entus' cherry on our first night in BT. You are 75% of the way there to winning this fight when you realise that you need to completely ignore everything written in the strategy guides.



I can't offer much insight into how this fight works as i died twice in the space of 2 minutes. The hardest part of this fight appears to be the secret ability Supremus activates which debuffs half your raid with 5 frames per second. His fire doesn't move quickly but it comes out of nowhere when your screen is updating once every 10 seconds, and your toon's only ability is "run on the spot" no matter what key you press.

Nonetheless, this downing was noteworthy due to our resto druids. They figured being assigned to the main tank means healing him through 99% of the bosses life and then spamming lolmoonfire and gazing at how pretty the animation is on such a huge boss. End result- dead main tank, dead boss, and two very embarrassed but relieved druids.


As is customary, random screen shots to show that our progression would be far superior if we didn't believe in having so much fun.

Raiders on PVE server are often referred to as 'Carebears'. Guess we can't really refute that with our raids full of this kind of chat. Nubkin gives his GM his Carebear stare.

Scarab Lord Sanctus or is it Pimp Sanctus? The high end raiding guilds on Aman'Thul share a lot. Boss strats, crafters, and now women? <3 to Aevie for crafting all our SR cloaks.

Come now Karjalan, the trash isn't that nauseating.

Confidence is high, the bosses are flowing, and i suspect they will have me writing another blog at 3.30am very shortly.

Cheerio, Sapherix.
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Re: Molotov wins double Quinellas. TAB shortens our odds.

Post by Cartollomew » 13 Oct 2007, 14:16

Sapherix wrote:...and contained witty witicisms...
Tim would be proud, methinks.

Nice work guys.

Nerf Rico.
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Post by dukkha » 13 Oct 2007, 21:50

Not to be picky, but given the last update was Kael, you forgot Rage. Easy enough to do, I mean he does seem like another trash wave, but still... you don't want to hurt the feelings of a lich, they mope enough as it is.

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Post by Takius » 13 Oct 2007, 22:08

Noob, l2readallthewaythroughposts.

Rage was at the end of the kael post duh.
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