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Like taking water from a Coilfang Matron.

Posted: 04 Sep 2007, 22:31
by Sapherix
Sometimes I feel we are being taken advantage of by these quest givers. They see a group of brave, young adventurers striding past, and their eyes light up. They spin a tall tale about an "epic adventure" to go seek out some ancient relic or lost artifact, or sometimes just some monster eyeballs. Usually they skip over the danger we will face, the sheer quantity of foes, and the number of allies we will need to round up. When we return, they pay us a pittance, hand us some vendor trash, give us a wink and a smile and send us on our way.

Take for example, Soridormi. As fresh to 70 adventurers, we were trekking past her when we spotted a huge yellow exclamation mark over her head. Surely this woman had something interesting to say. 2 Vials of Eternity? Saving the timeline? 26G reward? Sure, no problem, we'll be back before dinner time.

Months have past since i last saw Soridormi. Tonight we got that first Vial of Eternity. Lady Vashj is dead. It was an epic battle. She did not go gentle into that good night. I've long since forgotten why I've been sent to retrieve these vials. All i know is that I'm beyond the point of no return. Come too far to go back. We will get that second vial. Only Kael'thas stands between us and our 26 gold pieces. Not that the 26 gold will pay for our repairs, pots, enchants or gems. Hell, 26 gold wont even buy a lap dance from the gnome girls out the front of the booty bay inn.

The motto of this story is that you should never trust old people with bright yellow exclamation marks over their heads. Rather then dismounting to listen to a tale, speed up and run them down.

Personally, I look forward to the WoW expansion where I get a third response to quests. "Accept", "Decline" and "Please take your quest and forcibly insert it somewhere painful, tiger."

This has turned into a long winded rant about why i don't do quests. Pictures, Pictures, people love pictures....


High Astromancer Solarian has been eclipsed hot on the heels of Al'ar. Solarian gave us a lot of trouble on our old server. I believe our boss strategy thread for her is one of our longest, filled with angst ridden rants, obscure strat tweaks involving copious amounts of raid wide AR, and a lot of head scratching. Turns out we missed the most obvious strat tweak, the L2P strategy. Tonight we did indeed Learn to Play.

First attempt ~ 55%
Second attempt ~ 38%
Third attempt ~ 31%
Fourth attempt ~ screenshot time!

Well here it is.


That leaves us with 1 left till we get into the real content.

We celebrated our Vashj kill in true Molotovski style- a raid on the battlemasters room in Orgrimmar. We completely gutted it and claimed it as our own for a brief moment in time.


That's the admin out of the way, now to the gossip column.

Mariah Carey has hit 70!

Our paparazzi snapped this picture of a lvl 66 Mariah joining us for Gruul.

Holy shit, Mariah Carey is a black Draenei!

The 66 Mariah managed to survive the entire encounter up until the last 2 seconds when she was hurtfully hurtful struck by the big mean gronn.

We managed to sign her to our record label-


Stay tuned for our next update! Kael'thas dies, and Mariah ventures into Karazhan!

Thanks, Sapherix.

Posted: 04 Sep 2007, 22:41
by Karjalan
Thats some SWEET sweet Vage...

Nailed 3 girls in 3 weeks, Molotov... Aman'thuls new bachelors...

Mariah - Solarion -Vage

GoGo Kael'thas pew pew

Posted: 04 Sep 2007, 23:07
by Cartollomew
Karjalan wrote:Thats some SWEET sweet Vage...

WTF is a vage?

Posted: 04 Sep 2007, 23:09
by Xact
wet vage.

Posted: 04 Sep 2007, 23:46
by Karjalan
Cartollomew wrote:
Karjalan wrote:Thats some SWEET sweet Vage...

WTF is a vage?

been a while i see

Posted: 05 Sep 2007, 00:58
by Cartollomew
Dude, that meme fails.

For starters, she's a merperson... the backend is all fish.

You have nothing to work with there, nothing at all.

Posted: 05 Sep 2007, 01:29
by Karjalan
But.... she has multiple little mouths coming out of her head :o

And i'm all about the tail.. I'm a Draenei :D

Posted: 05 Sep 2007, 03:26
by Wiretap
I lol'd numerous times.

Great post saph.

Except in the battleground picture im facing away from the camera showing off my barbie shield. awesome.

Posted: 06 Sep 2007, 13:54
by Karjalan
We need to Add this image to the Vashj Progressiono post IMO :P


Link: ... oreog0.jpg