Debugging going well - Kurinnaxx down

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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Debugging going well - Kurinnaxx down

Post by Cartollomew » 28 Sep 2006, 04:17

A completely <Molotov> run makes this one a landmark.
Well, except for Silv. Hey Silv.

Another new (to us) boss is domesticated in one hit.

Well done everyone, we'll have our plan to setup giant roach motels in AQ in action in no time.

Grats to me for my fancy new Battle Shout.
It's louder.


How'd that mind control thing work out Vella?
Oh, I guess we already know:
Grats to Prismm for downing Vella. Server first!

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Post by Vella » 28 Sep 2006, 10:07

Haha, very funny Cart :roll:

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