Wanted Dead or Alive: Morogrim Tidewalker

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Wanted Dead or Alive: Morogrim Tidewalker

Post by Sapherix » 24 Jun 2007, 18:57

Wanted- Morogrim Tidewalker

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Last known whereabouts- Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale.

Crimes- Murder of thousands of unsuspecting horde and alliance low level adventurers. Stealing Smott's chest.

Alias- Gorlash.

Build- Heavy
Skin colour- Green
Race- Giant

A lead suggests he may be hiding out in caves with some hostile murloc militia. Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous, approach with caution.

Reward: To the person, or group of people responsible for bringing Morogrim Tidewalker to justice, we offer 2 pieces of random purple gear....you know, whatever we have laying around at the time.


We found him hiding out in SSC. He'd aged a fair bit since I'd last seen him strolling the plains of Desolace. The foul stench alerted us that he had developed a bad gas problem to boot.

His posse of murlocs gave us a few headaches to begin with but we came back with a new plan and got him down quickly. It's a small piece of vengeance for the deaths he caused all of us at some point when we were young adventurers. The loot was bad btw, we got jipped.

Yes thats right Blizz, i mocked your recycling of mob design and using them for 25 man raid bosses on our front page. Take that!

Cheers, Saph.

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Post by Rathollorn » 25 Jun 2007, 11:11

... and once again Saph is 2 progression posts behind, good work on FLK and VR guys.
Seize the means of production comrades!

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