<Molotov> Hooks the Big One!

If we downed a boss, you can read about it here. In detail. Sometimes, too much detail.
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<Molotov> Hooks the Big One!

Post by Sapherix » 21 Jun 2007, 03:24

Most boss fights involve doing a series of tasks, say 30 seconds to 1 minute long, and then repeating them without making mistakes for the length of the fight. The best boss fights include that repetition, but throw in an element of randomness to keep the fight interesting long after it has been put on farm status. Think Ossirian, with randomly spawning crystals, or a different Chrommie every week. The Lurker Below takes randomness to a whole new level.

The Lurker below is like playing noughts and crosses with my 4 year old niece. The game starts out fine, and we trade turns. At some point she'll decide to take two turns in a row and declare "I win, you lose". The Lurker Below in many respects is the same as this with attempts being foiled by him choosing to use any one of his buggy "I.W.I.N" buttons. Unlike the ones in AV, his work.

We finally got the kill, but in doing so, we drew up a list of The Lurker Below Commandments so that others may avoid his traps for new players.

Jubilant Fishermen Exaggerate Size of Catch

The 6 Lurker Below Commandments

1) Thou shall bring raiders with 300+ fishing. We managed to bring a few high level fishers.....all 2 of them. I never understood fishing. Fishing in RL is generally quite boring, and one must be "lubricated" with a large enough amount of liquor to dull brain function so as to not realise how bored one actually is. Now fishing in game is even worse...you are that bored that you are watching a character on screen be bored whilst they are fishing.

2) Thou shall dive for spout. The lurker takes a deep breath, and then blows his spout. If you don't take a dive, you tend to wear it. In the adult film industry this is known as a "facial". In WoW this is known as a "wipe".

3) Thou shall not kill Lurker's minions whilst he spouts. Killing a mob whilst the Lurker spouts causes him to enter a "disco" spout mode.....essentially everyone wears it. It's rather messy...nuff' said!

4) Thou shall not let the guardians go unguarded! What is more fun then a mob that cleaves for 9K? A mob that can cleave for 9k that can teleport around the raid!! Good times.

5) Thou shall pray one's MT does not get knocked by lurker into the abyss, where healers can see him, and are in range of him, and lurker can hit him....but he can't be healed.

6) Thou shall not dot up the lurker when he is about to die, and performs a spout....otherwise he respawns!

On the successful kill, he submerged, and then his toon appeared re-emerged, and just sat and watched us for 60 seconds whilst doing nothing, whilst we killed his adds.

In other news I'm a progression post behind, so this one will stay up on the front page for about 1 day. That isn't a terrible thing because it's bad and i couldn't come up with anything better for a buggy fish boss that sucks.....or more accurately, he blows.

Cheerio, Saph.

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Post by Cartollomew » 21 Jun 2007, 04:42


Ahh. Grats guys.

Who do you think you are? If you'd stopped winning, you could have been the Biggest Loser, if you gave up, you could have been a Survivor, if you'd stopped reading Orwell, you could have been on Big Brother!

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