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Post by Rathollorn » 16 Sep 2017, 18:46

It’s not quite as catchy as AK47 but it took us 74 wipes to get our act together and get this fancy kill shot of Kil’jaeden.

Despite Lel’s best efforts, Molotov is not a gnome army. Note also that Aegwynn is filling in for Vargoth.

Molotov never got to Kil’jaeden the first time around in The Burning Crusade, we were stopped by Brutallus. So there’s a certain degree of satisfaction in kicking his ass this time around (albeit about nine years later).

A round of hot-fix nerfs and the unlocking of the Netherlight Crucible certainly played a part in the victory but the main factor was having 15 raiders show up – once again Blizzard has shown a propensity for making fights far more difficult for raids that are only comprised of 10-12 members as ours have typically been.

Big thanks to Dukkha and Lel for doing the raid leading this tier and congratulations to everyone for keeping Molotov ahead of the curve.


See you all in Antorus.
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