Heroics? Hell Ya!

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Heroics? Hell Ya!

Post by Rathollorn » 12 Jan 2017, 23:11

I’m generally pretty slack about news posts, but the we're all pretty happy about this one.

With Nighthold knocking on the door <Molotov> took our last chance to rack up the Ahead of the Curve achievement for Trial of Valor.

Sure the encounters had been nerfed pretty heavily and everyone’s damage had been shaken up by Patch 7.1.5 but Ahead of the Curve is still a point of pride. We polished off the Emerald Nightmare one as patch 7.1 hit and true to form we did the same for Trial of Valor with the launch of patch 7.1.5.

We had trouble in this instance mainly due to a combination of holiday season attendance problems and the tighter tuning of the encounters initially. However armed with everyone’s 35 point traits and Helya Vantus Runes we decided it to give it one last push before Nighthold releases next reset. It also helped that most of our regulars were back to raid and a couple of our raiders who can no longer make our runs due to timezone differences joined us as well.




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