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by Ammune
13 Sep 2012, 01:12
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Topic: Would you pay $1000 for a game?
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Re: Would you pay $1000 for a game?

LMAO at this thread. It started with $1000 for a video game discussion and ended up with squash. Anyway, I play lots of basketball on the weekends as Xact said in an uptempo game you burn sooo many calories. I never realize how much effort it takes until I am sore as hell the next day. At 41 I can s...
by Ammune
01 Feb 2011, 06:11
Forum: Guild & Application Information
Topic: Questions From the Public
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Re: Questions From the Public

I don't see it Sat. Before you hit the submit button just copy it all in case.
by Ammune
29 Jun 2010, 23:47
Forum: Videos/Pics
Topic: @Scharla
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Re: @Scharla

Plexi wrote:Its clearly radiating from your pants.
Maybe Rowlan is in his pants.
by Ammune
09 Apr 2010, 03:57
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Topic: Im in ur forumz, fixin ur shiz
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Re: Im in ur forumz, fixin ur shiz

Whomever is responsible for these colored fonts can diaf.

Edit-considering I am one of the raid healers you just might actually have that happen.
by Ammune
05 Nov 2009, 07:20
Forum: The Rantarium
Topic: I hate my office
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Re: hjklhjk

cbvnd110516 wrote:
<dodgey links>

I dunno what that is, but clicking on it seems like a bad idea.

Rico Edit: Didnt want to touch your post ammune, but i know some artard will click on the link and get hacked or something, PLEX
by Ammune
07 Oct 2009, 07:32
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Topic: WTB Rusted proto drake / starcaller
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Re: WTB Rusted proto drake / starcaller


Edit: Although it would be much easier now.
by Ammune
24 Mar 2009, 02:19
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Topic: New members forums access
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Re: New members forums access

Can't I get some access please. Really need to harass people.