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by Naoru
28 Dec 2010, 21:08
Forum: Videos/Pics
Topic: Raidy Ready
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Re: Raidy Ready

lol nice
by Naoru
01 Dec 2010, 23:37
Forum: News and Current Affairs
Topic: Bizarre police report
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Re: Bizarre police report

If the muff is stinky, there is no way you want to be eating it. Thats just unsanitary!
by Naoru
10 Jun 2010, 12:47
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Topic: Network troubles Iphone 4 presentation
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Network troubles Iphone 4 presentation ... k-meltdown

I found it particularly amusing when Steve Jobs asked everyone in the audience to to turn off their wi-fi devices to try and improve performance.
by Naoru
19 Apr 2010, 19:00
Forum: News and Current Affairs
Topic: Atkinson Quits
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Re: Atkinson Quits

Rudd's probably more worried about pushing his health reforms through. Methinks the internet censorship scheme will not get off the ground and die a quiet death. The scheme so far has not proven to be wildly successful and internet censorship is not a strong issue at the moment. Odds are this years ...
by Naoru
03 Dec 2009, 23:19
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Topic: OMG best twilight movie ever!!! i want this on blu ray
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Re: OMG best twilight movie ever!!! i want this on blu ray

Hehe that made my day. I'm going to have to read the Twilight books sometime to see what all the fuss is about.
by Naoru
18 Oct 2009, 21:49
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Topic: FML
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Today, I stumbled upon my girlfriend's Twitter account that I didn't know existed. A recent entry states that living with me is pathetic; "it's just that the current economical situation doesn't leave her with many options." FML

by Naoru
05 Sep 2009, 18:57
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Topic: Hello Molotov
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Re: Hello Molotov

Well, Malora quit wow ages ago, I quit a few months ago and Elmo quit last month. There is still a few of the TBC group playing. Anyway how are Dalla and Sanc doing?
by Naoru
17 Aug 2009, 00:45
Forum: The Rantarium
Topic: Complementary Medicine on TV
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Re: Complementary Medicine on TV

/sigh I'm gonna have to jump in here. BRB writing Big Wall'O'Text.
by Naoru
16 Aug 2009, 19:14
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Topic: Fun with Sound
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Re: Fun with Sound

by Naoru
15 Aug 2009, 14:33
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Topic: If this is you: "I've just lost my access!"
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Re: If this is you: "I've just lost my access!"

I've been toying with the idea of coming back. I has fond memories of letting locks and mages die on AOE trash pulls.
by Naoru
03 Aug 2009, 20:24
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Topic: D-Pad Hero
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D-Pad Hero

by Naoru
26 Jul 2009, 23:12
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Topic: Rong Rico
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Re: Rong Rico

I knew a Chinese chick at uni called "Rong". When she said her name it sounder like "Zooong".