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by Sahasraka
24 May 2007, 06:15
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Topic: Magtheridon "Just Misunderstood" - <Molotov>
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So... the number 1 alliance guild in the server ay!

Big gratz guys :) I had faith in ya! :)
by Sahasraka
19 Apr 2007, 11:13
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Topic: There is no Gruul; only <Molotov>
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Keep up the good work guys.

Now its time for a server first perhaps.. (rather an alliance first).. gg mag...

btw... I have transfered to amanthul... yet its the same ironforge.. and hogger still pwns my alts. Miss seeing yall around.

by Sahasraka
03 Apr 2007, 20:43
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Topic: Maulgar has a Visit to the Dentist
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knock knock

Maulgar has a Visit to the Dentist .... .... ... after wasting many brain cells i finally figured it out... .. u c.. its funny coz maulgar is saying aaa... to vargoth.... much ....when u r at the dentist!!!! what will cart come up with next! Big gratz on progression yall.. why is gruul not ...
by Sahasraka
04 Dec 2006, 12:34
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Topic: ne·far·i·ous (adj.)
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Hey... there is no gloating post on the WOW forums... I think we earned one! :P
by Sahasraka
30 Oct 2006, 07:01
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Topic: Dragon the Guild to Onyxia (and back)
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From what I hear from other top guilds this sort of progress is unheard of!.. Testament to the unity of molotov! Carry on with the awsome work guys!
by Sahasraka
23 Oct 2006, 04:44
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Topic: Let's Geddon Ready to Ruuuuuuumble!
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HOLY CRAP.. Big gratz guys... you are making this look too easy.

Awww... I feel like dropping my books and joining you all.

Keep up the good work all. Rags MUST DIE!
by Sahasraka
12 Sep 2006, 19:02
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Topic: Burning Crusade - 60-70
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well what i heard was that its gonna be twice the time from 50-60

its gonna be interesting tho.... wonder whats gonna happen to all the teir raid gear.... all the hard out guilds are gonna have to start all over again I think!

also good times to be a shammy!